• UC Irvine's Chief Executive Roundtable is at the heart of the dynamic partnership between the university and the community.



Message from the Chair

Bringing industry and UCI leaders together creates incredible opportunities. I am honored to support Chancellor Gillman and UCI in forging outstanding partnerships with Orange County's vibrant business community.

Michael A. Colglazier
Chair, Chief Executive Roundtable
Disneyland Resort

New Member Update

Jack Hockema is the chief executive officer and chairman of the Board of Directors of Kaiser Aluminum, since 2001 and 2006 respectively. Previously, he served as president and executive vice president of Kaiser Aluminum, as well as president of Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products. Prior to joining Kaiser in 1995, he was the principal in a metals industry management consulting and investment advisory firm and had held senior executive positions with Bohn Extruded Products, a division of Gulf+Western, and American Brass Specialty Products.